Brahms' Fifth Variation of Op. 21 & Seeking Brahms with Strings,
Paris, July 2009- ongoing
10-15 examples of the public appeal made on an A3-sized poster,
entitled Seeking Brahms with Strings. Responses to this public appeal
were received in various forms and media, including the sound
recordings by pianist Trami Nguyen. These took the form of 2.00
min loops; and the installation consists of variable dimensions.


Brahms' Fifth Variation of Op. 21 is the pianist Trami Nguyen’s response
to the public appeal I made in Paris 2009, which was en titled:
Seeking Brahms with Strings. In the piece Trami plays each
voice of the fifth variation individually. The 3 voices are then played
simultaneously through 3 mono-loudspeakers and from 3 different
walls in the exhibition space. Members of the audience are
able to physically move between the voices and in this way constantly
al ter the way the piece sounds. Brahms' Fifth Variation of
Op. 21 is part of an ongoing collaboration between Trami Nguy en
and Ur sula Nistrup. The collaboration focuses on the rela tion ships
be tween architecture and music, harmonies and dis-har mo nies,
mul t iple voices and spatial installations. When exhibited, Seeking
Brahms with Strings still receives re spon ses to its public appeal.