On my Work

As part of a conceptual base, these projects attempt to investigate issues of perception and communication, through the use of acoustics, sound and light. Through each project a possible suggestion is established and their aim is to reveal how perception and communication occupies our physical and mental space. This approach is not simply the tool of the work, but also as essential part of the subject. Therefore I regard sketches, notes and tests as much part of the work as any pieces presented or publicly displayed.


This continuing and non-definite approach to the work, I base upon situations, thereby employing structures or other kinds of essences, even if they involve social and/or political notions and simply formal interpretation. These projects are undergoing a constant review by the process, as they are constantly questioned, and resifting to each situation.


This website will exist as an accumulation of these projects, as an extension of this constant review, and hopefully constitute a reference point for an interested audience.