Stanley Brouwn, This Way Brouwn, 1961

On 25-26 February 1961 in Amsterdam. Stanley Brouwn asked randomly selected passers-by the way from a to b; the directions are clarified by notes on paper. Sometimes the directions are only verbal and the paper remains blank. Brouwn later stamps “This Way Brouwn” on the sheets of paper.

“As they were drawing the people talked, and at times they talked more that they drew. On the sketches we can see what the people were explaining. But we cannot see what they have omitted, because they had trouble realiz-ing that what might be clear to them still requires explanation.”

STANLEY BROUWN, This way Brouwn, 25-2-61.26-2-61.
Verlag Gebr. König Köln, New York 1961


Ursula Nistrup, Untitled, 9-1-07.10-1-07

On 9-10 January 2007 in Vienna. Ursula Nistrup asked randomly selected by-passers to direct her to locations in the city-locations different from the one they are currently placed in. These locations will be chosen for having significance to the by-passers in relation to where they currently are positioned. Directions exist either as verbal comments or as notes on paper.