My multidisciplinary work takes its point of departure in the human ear as an organ that we use to navigate the  physical world, and as a sensory apparatus that can simultaneously open up this world towards other speculative and enigmatic horizons.

To me, sound is the most affective dimension of human perception. It offers an extremely rich and intricate pathway into psychological, existential and social situations and conditions.

Grounded in a conceptual minimalist tradition, I investigate sound in and of itself but also as a cultural phenomenon, how sound creates worlds, intimate imaginings and expanded spaces.

I am especially interested in the way that sound – as music – has shaped human imagination and cultures all around the world for thousands of years and will continue to do so for as long as humanity is around.

I work in sculpture, installation, photography, text, performance and drawing. Common to these different output formats is an attention to materials. I listen to materials. I learn from materials. And finally I expand the field of resonance of the materials.