Amplified Views (2018-19)

Amplified Views is a public commission for Struer Municipality a municipality in Mid Jutland Region on the Jutland Peninsula in west Denmark. The commission is made by artist Ursula Nistrup in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen.

The project will result in five public sculptures, each placed on spectacular locations in the landscape of west Jutland. Each sculpture will be made in aluminum and will be shaped and conceptualized by Ursula Nistup in collaboration with engineers, acousticians and other specialists at Bang & Olufsen.

The Idea is that each sculpture will emphasize and amplify the experiences of the landscape at each location. This could be by directing the sound of the wind, by framing the vision, emphasizing unique floral colors ect. The sculptures will thus create an intensified and expanded experience of the sounds in and around the specific view, as well as, spur a new way of experiencing the beautiful scenery of the area. The visitor can let go and be immersed in the sounds and their endless variations, as they provide a soundtrack to the vivid narrative of the landscape.

The five sculptures will be places on cite and will be revealed to the public on August 2019 as part of the Struer Tracks festival.

The images below show a model of the first sculpture, which will be located on the harborfront close to the city center. The following 4 sculptures will each be placed on sites that will highlight the multitude of unique landscapes settings of Struer.