Detriti, 2003

Venice, 2003
Installation; wooden frame 1.5×1 m, white cotton fabric, 3 blue, cables. 5 min. video documentary.

Ursula Nistrup invited architects Mads Graakær and Patrick Nørrested to collaborate with her in this exhibition. The group was interested in the specific period of dusk to dawn. During this period, the architecture of the city seemed dark, while the sky still retained the bright blue colour of the daytime. This seemed to separate the city from the sky so that they appeared to exist in different realities. The work aimed to extend and submerge this division of seemingly separate spaces.

For the exhibition a screen was extended vertically and angled outside a fence surrounding the exhibition space. Light bulbs were attached to the wall directly underneath the fence. The light bulbs were not visible from the exhibition; only the indirect light reflected into the space by the screen was visible. The colour of the bulbs was chosen according to the colour of the sky during the specific period of interest. The lights were switched on for 24 hours, but only during the particular time in question did they become gradually visible and retain the colour throughout the night until the morning light rendered them invisible again.