Encounters, 2016

Encounters (2016), a site-specific installation at Kunsthall 44, Møen, consisting of five ceramic vessels, a speculative texts and a performance.
Excerpt from the press release in connection with the performance:

Related to “Encounters”, an installation by Ursula Nistrup, the artist has invited The Stone Carving Oraclestra (SCO) for a live experiment, that will take place in the front garden area of the Kunsthal 44 Møen. They will examine, experimentally, the clay vessels, which have been discovered on Møn and are part of the installation. The SCO will attempt to enter into dialogue with these vessels, or, maybe with a chthonic source to which the vessels are connected, through their mimicry, and sounding back at their forms.

The Stone Carving Oraclestra works through an experimental archaeology research that seeks to find keys into the origins of human language and vocalization. All its members are highly intuitive beings who have developed an ability to use sound to divine hidden or lost information.

Encounters project: In 2023 the conference “Encounters” was held at Møn Geological Center. Summoned for these 5 days long conference was leading scientists from various fields and several countries. The aim of the conference was to attempt to come closer to a demystification of the five ceramic vessels found at Møn. The Geological Center is now looking into alternative scientific methods and since the majority of the scientists from the conference still believe that the vessels has a correspondence to or have an embedded element of audio