Light Moving on Two Strings (2001) and Two Strings Moving with Light, 2001


Light Moving on Two Strings, 2001
B/W photographic series of 4 images 30×40 cm.

In this installation, two white strings were extended from the ceiling in a room with 2 south-facing windows. As the light moved through the room, the position of the strings was changed in such a way as to ensure that one string would remain in shadow and the other in light. Each time the position of a string was altered, a large-format B/W photograph was taken.


Two Strings Moving with Light, 2001
B/W photographic series of 4 images 30×40 cm

A light and a dark string were extended diagonally from ceiling to floor through a room lit from the south. As time passed a small section of the two strings seemed to be undistinguishable in tone. 4 photographs were made focusing on this area of non-differentiability as its position on the two strings changed.