Musical Meadow (2015-16)

The works Musical Meadow a permanent commission for Grevelund, a home for mentally and physically disabled adults in Odense.

The idea behind this work is to offer residents and visitors a relation to music and tones without it being audible. What the residents here need most of all is peace and therefore I decided to take the easily recognizable shape of a grand piano.

In the area around the home, where a forest was about to be planted, I decided to plant the work Musical Meadow. Musical Meadow consists of 51 Sitka spruce trees, each planted with a distance of one meter to each other. They will grow up and then create a clearing between them – a calm and undisturbed zone in the shape of a grand piano. In this zone a bench, constructed with reference to the piano piece called the bridge was installed, diagonally through the zone.


Trees planted in 2016


Trees 2017