Never Having Seen… ,2009-2010

This project is ongoing and exists as an accumulating series of 30×40 cm colour photographs.

This project consists of a performative act in which a sheet of A3 paper is placed on various buildings which I have never entered. On each sheet of paper the following text appears: ‘Never having seen, listened or entered within…’; the name and location of the building is added by hand in situ and placed on the building itself, or as close as possible to it. On the paper I then draw lines to indicate how I imagine sound to travel within and occupy this building. A documentary photograph is made as the only evidence of this event. Only when told to do so have I removed the drawing and taken it away with me. In most cases it remains on the building when I leave the site. This is the printed text as it appears on the paper:

Never having seen, listened nor entered within this gas silo in Valby, Denmark.
The drawing marks below represent sound as I imagine it traveling through, between and within the structure of the building.