Resonating Pillars (2017)

Resonating Pillars (2017) is an audible and sculptural installation. It consists of 16 unique porcelain casts of four types of pillars from the Hindu temple Vitthala in South India. The pillars in the temple are solid and carved from local resonant granite rocks. Commonly referred to as Musical Pillars, they have been used as static musical percussion instruments, to lightly beat on, to create tones and rhythms during religious ceremonies.

The cast pillars were produced in collaboration with Royal Copenhagen, the Royal Porcelain Factory in Denmark, as part of a research project on the relationship between shape and audible characteristics of porcelain material. The porcelain casts were constructed, handled, fired and glassed with an audible focus. Each of the cast pillars is unique in materiality and resonance. In the installation Resonating Pillars, the sound of each pillar resonates through DPA Microphones and Meyer Sound Speakers.

All photos by David Stjerneholm.