Situation Aesthetics (2011)

Several months after accumulating notes in my copy of the book Situation Aesthetics, I chose a different approach and wrote an Appendix to the book. The Appendix was based on my interest in Michael Asher’s ‘Participatory Works’ of the 60s and 70s and a participatory work I was developing with the artist Hans Thorsen. This work dealt with the notion of something I chose to call Secondary Actions, these being actions made somewhat unconsciously, such as whistling while walking in a space. Hans Thorsen was chosen to participate because, during my initial meeting with him, he whistled frequently. Hans Thorsen was contracted to be present in a building during certain periods each day.

The Appendix consisted of this contract, the description of its circumstances and the reference to Asher’s ‘Participatory Works’. The Appendix appeared within the book Situation Aesthetics, located just before the end notes of the book. Subsequently, a copy of the book, including the Appendix, was sent to Michael Asher’s private home in California with my letter of appreciation of his work.