Studies, 2010

The following three texts and images are fragments from an email exchange between the art historian Stine Hebert and myself, based on found objects, observations and thoughts, during my 6-month residency in Istanbul, 2010.



Studies, 2010
Found piece of 35 mm film

On the evening of March 20th 2010, I found this piece of 35 mm film. It was lying on the ground close to the women’s entrance of the Tarihi Galatasaray Hamami in Istanbul. The row of images takes me to a different place. I imagine what sounds the optical sound strip on the left side of the images might contain. Could it be an atmospheric recording of the trees and birds in the background? Or perhaps music to accompany the scene? The strip forms a road, a road made up of squares, triangles, lines and gaps, which create an alphabet of tones, nuances and tempi.


One or two thoughts about roads, 2010
3 pieces of cotton string, tape and window sill

Can a piece of pink string, placed in such a way that it just touches and thus extends two other pieces of string, be suggestive of a road? I would like to suggest a road as an identifiable route between points. A road must be very much determined by its surroundings and its placement. In this sense it works like any architectural element and like a thought simultaneously.