For Those Who Usually See (2010)

Panorama Mesdag, Den Haag, Holland.

The work is a series of installations. Each installation consists of a printed card with a text and a soundtrack. Duration: 6.40 min.

This is a recording from within the pavilion structure that holds the painting of the Panorama Mesdag. This work is part of a larger study I am working on, which challenges the aesthetics of sound in relation to visuality.

In this case you enter the pavilion through a spiral staircase. When exiting the pavilion you walk on a different set of steps, which run parallel to the ones through which you enter the pavilion. This re enhances the experience of the circular structure. Then, standing on the pavilion you are facing and surrounded by a large painting. Above the pavilion structure there are skylight windows; these are not directly visible from the pavilion. The windows allow the changing light conditions from outside to be reflected and interfering with the painted image. The painting constantly transform and the perspectives alter by the changing, entering skylights.

The circular structure that holds the painting, makes the sound bounce back and forth as in a silo. As is the case with the changing daylight, the sound from the loudspeakers blends in with the sound the visitors make and create an audible constant altering audible image.

This kind of one-take recording are a self-conscious effort at composing everyday live events and in knowing that they can never be recreated as live events again, I offer them as abstractions of realities and being.

Enjoy, thank you for listening.