Tonal alphabet, 2012

Installation (2012)
30×40 cm framed pencil drawing on paper.
Record player with repeat function and headphones.
20″ record with one track of 33 min duration of an unknown person whistling while walking in a building of the Museum Insel Hombroich.
Text placed directly on the wall.

On the record the whistling of an unknown person was repeated, with the volume at a level such that the whistling could just be discerned through the headphones when these were placed next to the record player. To the left of the record player was a framed pencil drawing with lines of different lengths. The lines were drawn vertically in an almost parallel relationship to each other, with each line consisting of two parts that curved slightly and pointed in different directions.

The following text was placed directly onto the walls to the left of the gramophone:

A tonal alphabet within the architecture of a record’s groove and lines suggesting a series of spatial volumes. Or the coincidental acoustic experience of an unknown person whistling in the passages of the Museum Insel Hombroich