Untitled (displacement) (2011)

Variable dimensions (Berlin version)
2 x battery-driven, portable record players with built-in speakers.
2 x 7″ records with the track Train Song by Vashti Bunyan
4-meter copper string
12 cm plexiglas tube
8 cm metallic feather
Hand-dyed silk

Identical records are placed on each record player. Each end of a copper string is fastened to each of the two gramophone arms. A metal feather is attached to the center of the string, making the latter more flexible when it is pulled. The string and feather run through a plexiglas tube attached to the wall. One gramophone stands directly on the floor; the other is placed on a slightly moveable pedestal. This pedestal consists of a simple wooden construction holding a piece of suspended silk, which in turn carries a piece of black wood.  The wooden board functions as an unstable horizontal shelf. The 2nd gramophone is placed onto this shelf.

When the two gramophones are playing they are connected through the string in such a way that they constantly pull each other. The feather adds flexibility to the string in such a way that the two gramophone arms are not permitted to play the two records in the same places at the same time.  Also, the slight movements of the free-hanging silk change the relationship between the arms of the gramophone, thus adding further to the differences in the way that each record is played.

This is a collaborative piece with artist Tove Storch.