While Thinking of Something Else, 2010

Ongoing collection of notes and quotes, compiled as a study of the notion of a ‘secondary’ activity. Presented as projected slides and sound. Duration: 9 min.

Paragraph from the text ‘En fløyters bekjennelser’ by Hans E. Thorsen, 2010.

Text fragments from E-mail correspondence between Hanne Stubbe Teglbjærg, psychotherapeutic doctor and Ursula Nistrup.

Drawings by Alita Palsholm

‘The Mark on the Wall’ (1. paragraph) by Virginia Woolf. Written in 1921.

‘Drawing Writing: Reflections on Trash-Text’. Article by Majken Jacoby. (Various quotes from 1 page.)

Text fragments from e-mail correspondence between psychoanalyst, Judy Gammelgaard and Ursula Nistrup.

Text fragments by Didier Rabain

Transcription from the program ‘Glenn Gould as a radio composer’.